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Watch: Video Of Anele Mdoda Dancing To Amapiano Goes Viral

What’s not to admire about seasoned radio and television broadcaster Anele Mdoda’s personality?

A video of her dancing to Amapiano at Ayanda Thabethe’s baby shower has gone viral.

Mdoda can be seen getting down on the dance floor with one of the guests in attendance.

Sharing the video, she said she is releasing all men from the guilt of spending their family’s money at groove.

“Mna guys, I release all men of the Konka generation from the guilt and shame of spending imali ye family ebumnandini. Who can hype you like a South African queen, just listen to them chant us on. @sifisonxumalo and I stood no chance. @ayandathabethe_ just have more babies. Bekumnandi” She posted.

Commenting on the video shared on Anele’s timeline, Ayanda said that she and Sfiso had a great time.

“Hahahaahha!!! Hhay you 2 had a ball!!! Lol did anyone have more fun than the 2 of you?! angikho sure !!!!”

Ayanda Thabethe’s baby shower was attended by her close family and friends. In attendance was obviously Anele Mdoda and expectant reality TV star Blue Mbombo.

Ayanda has not posted any pictures yet but her friends have already started sharing some moments on social media. She could be waiting to get all the images from the photographer.

Speaking about Ayanda Thabethe, the television personality recently had an insightful sit down with businesswoman Amanda Dambuza.

She opened up about various aspects of her life including future plans.

Now and then Ayanda likes to go far away.

“I find that I always need to escape, all the time. I need to just find my grounding. Find my place of serenity and just be at peace with myself. Peace with my goals, my life, where I’m going and so I take those moments quite seriously.”

She also revealed that there are some parts of her life she prefers to keep away from the public eye.

“I started to keep was what was dear and near to me very close to my heart. If it feels right and I want to share it. It’s just a feeling thing if I want to do it then I do it. But, If I feel like I’m hesitant or I have to think about it then maybe it’s not a good thing to show,” she shared.

She says that when she reaches billionaire status then she’ll start to share more of herself with the public.

“I love to share more of myself but I feel like I’m going to get to that when I’m a billionaire or something. When I’m like listen, when I’m like listen – I actually don’t care. Because it’s such a sensitive world that we live in and we can’t express ourselves. I always say in terms of our freedom of speech – is it really free? Especially when you are dependent on brands.

“You can’t be as free as possible, you have to be socially responsible. You have to consider the greater majority. It’s not all about your perceptions. And that is the trade-off you taken when you become a personality and a brand, unfortunately. But I think if I had all the money in the world, I would let it loose.”