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WATCH: Video of Dineo Ranaka ‘DJ’ying with a USB’ causes stir

DINEO ON DECKS is under fire for her performance this past weekend.

The reality star who has embarked on a DJ journey and has had her weekends fully booked is receiving backlash.

According to attendees, for two consecutive weekends, Ranaka has been using a USB rather than Deejaying.

Playing at Sweet Phops in Polokwane this past weekend, Ranaka is accused of playing a mixtape and she is seen leaving the decks to hype her audience.

Fans are furious that celebs use their celebrity status to get away with anything.

From the get go, fans were not sure about Dineo’s DJ career .

In her defence, Ranaka tweeted “They’ll never get it sis – we must just let them be experts of my unique craft. One day they’ll know.”

Ranaka attempted to set the record straight on the drive on Metro FM, but fans are still ot convinced.



– Daily Sun