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We are doomed, THE END IS NEAR

We are doomed as the world . lt was written in the bible that the end is near . Well we could say that covid 19 is the bringer of the end , as we could see that it was brought to us in order to create the so called the new world .

Even the world leaders are members of the new world . They tell us about the covid 19 vaccine with which they know very well that it is part of the new world . It looks like they want to turn the whole world into the new world , the world they want As you can see that all the leaders have the same badges on their fancy suits .

They are planning to turn the world as we know it into the new thing . They are busy using covid 19 to achieve their goal and as far as I look into things , they are close to achieve it . As we can see that we are all forced to take the vaccine . They may say that you are not forced to take it but the terms and conditions coming with the refusal of the admiration are forcing you , as they have a huge impact on your life

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