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We Are Happy With Foreigners: South African female celebs who found love in Zimbabwean men

Female celebrities in Mzansi are going beyond their precincts into their neighboring country to find love and it is the younger men that carry the full package. Age is proving to be just a number as already two actresses are all booed up with Zimbabwean men younger than them. Not everyone however is in support of these relationships as these celebrities constantly have to duck hateful comments.

After managing to keep her relationship to Tino Chinyani under wraps for quite sometime, the actress finally breaks the news in a baby bump reveal. However a baby was already in the equation months before the reveal. As usual, masses start trolling and accuse Tino of preying on rich widows.

The fact that he is five years younger than Simz Ngema and a Zimbabwean raises a lot of flags for many. But is it a cause for concern or people are just not ready to see Ngema moving on. The actress loses her husband in a botched car jacking a few months after their wedding.

Living in a cocoon for quite some time, she mourns Dumi Masilela and when she decides to move on with a younger man, all hell breaks loose. Despite the hate however, the couple continues to serve goals and we are here for it.

Another female celebrity, another Zimbabwean Ben 10. The 35 year old actress recently announces her relationship to 28 year old Kudzai Mushonga. It doesn’t take time for troll to dig up dirt on Khanyi‘s new boyfriend to which she ignores the hateful comments, like the queen she is.

Supposedly, Mushonga’s fortune feeds off from a fraud that occurs four years ago to which he dodges the law and flees to South Africa. We can safely agree how all this is hearsay as Mushonga quickly demands evidence to the allegations.

“People from Zimbabwe never disappoint. How can they call a man that has never been arrested or skipped a trial a fugitive. Can they first prove my arrest? Not from a stupid newspaper article that someone decided to write all because I am a news worth. Yes I got rich young, let them prove fact first. Then they can mention my name and drag my girlfriend in all this,” he says.

To make the haters green with envy, Khanyi and her boyfriend owned Valentines as they went all out to spoil each other. After the actress receives a thousand roses and a couple other gifts, all ladies start drooling. So were all these rumours true or it was simply for the love of trolling.