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Wedding Day Sh0cker From Makhadzi

They were excited for their wedding, because they had booked their favourite artist as entertainment.

They were very clear that the special day was happening in the afternoon.

But by the time the singer arrived, the day was over and the couple were in dreamland!

They booked Makhadzi to entertain guests at their wedding on 16 October.

But the singer allegedly only pitched at 1 am the following day when the day was over and done with.

Now businessman, Makgobate Letsoalo from Nobody in the Thakgalang area of Polokwane, Limpopo is spitting fire and has vowed to stop Makhadzi from ever going on stage.

He told Daily Sun: “Initially, Makhadzi said she would only be able to perform between 2pm and 5pm because she had an event in Venda. I told her that option would not suit me, so we cancelled her.

“A week before the wedding, Makhadzi contacted me and said her Venda gig had been cancelled. We then started negotiating a price and settled on R35 000.”

The SunTeam has seen the proof of payment.

“On the day of the wedding, Makhadzi’s team phoned us and said they would only be arriving at 2am the next morning. I told them not to bother coming because the wedding would be over by then,” said Makgobate.

“But Makhadzi still came. She arrived at 1am when I was already asleep. She said she was there to perform. told her she could come back later and perform at a pool party we had organised. But she didn’t arrive.”

Makhadzi and her friend, Isaiah “Bumba” Letsoalo, allegedly stopped taking Makgobate’s calls.

“Ultimately, I asked for a refund and they promised to pay me back by 16 November, but I’m still waiting. My next step is to block her next performance.

“I will make sure she doesn’t go on stage until she pays back my money,” he said.

However, Bumba denied everything, saying he didn’t know what Makgobate was talking about.

When the SunTeam provided Makgobate’s proof of payment, where they paid R30 000, he said they deducted R5 000 for fuel. Numerous attempts were made to contact Makhadzi with no success.

Daily Sun is in the possession of a letter of demand Makgobate sent to Makhadzi last month, demanding that the money be paid back.

Lawyer Xoliswa Gumede said Makgobate did not have the right to block Makhadzi from performing.