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Wedding Ends In Tears: Baby Shot 8 Times

A WEDDING ended in tears on Saturday, 23 October.

This after four unknown men opened fire at the wedding in Tshepisong, killing seven people and injuring five.

The devastated families of the victims were left with questions about the deaths of their loved ones.

Lerato Kote (35), who lost her baby daddy in the shooting, told Daily Sun the four men were looking for someone and when they couldn’t find that person at his place, they invaded the wedding.

“They switched off the sound system and came to our house to look for the man,” said Lerato. She said all hell broke loose when they didn’t find him.

“They started shooting and the first person to be hit by a bullet was the child of the couple getting married.

“They then shot people in that house,” she said.

She said the couple’s 28-year-old son was shot twice as he tried to run away.

Lerato also said her baby daddy was shot eight times.

“We still don’t know why they started shooting when they couldn’t find the man.

“We don’t even know the person they were looking for.”

Lerato said the family was living in fear as no one had been arrested yet and they didn’t know why these people attacked them.

Lerato asked SunReaders to help with anything they could for the funerals.

“One of the deceased will be buried in Maputo and another one in North West. Help with transportation and food would be appreciated,” said Lerato.

Among the seven people killed were Philani Dlamini, Sharon Mmutle, Sam Makwane and Carlito Sithole.

Gauteng police spokeswoman Brigadier Brenda Muridili said a murder case was under investigation. No arrests have been made yet. – Daily Sun