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Well Known Politician Sent An Alarming Letter To Minister Of Justice and Correctional Services

The offices of minister Ronald Lamola and Commissioner Arthur Fraser have received a very alarming letter from the leader of the United Democratic Movement, Bantu Halomisa on the 27th of August 2021. The letter is about a financial-related complaint from 121 employees of the correctional offices.

The department of Justice and correctional services is is accused of being unfair and exploratory towards some of its employees regarding their monthly salary, these accusations come at the hands of the 121 employees who believe the department hasn’t been financially fair towards them. The leader of the UDM has taken matters to Twitter to expose the correctional services concerning this particular matter.

According to Holomisa, 121 correctional services workers have approached and asked him to speak with the correctional services on their behalf. Holomisa said these 121 were complaining about the failure of the department to increase their monthly salaries ever since they got employed in early 2019. Halomisa made it clear that he is against exploitation or unfairness that is directed towards the 121 workers and solved this matter by asking the minister of justice and his commissioner to take a look into this matter.

What makes this lack of salary increment a disaster is a fact that the standard and the cost of living went significantly went up since these 121employees were employed in 2019 but somehow their salaries have managed to remain the same, this means they might have had times making ends meets which is exactly why they finally opted to report the matter to Bantu Halomisa.