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What Did Her Parents Say When She Told Them She was Bullied?

South Africans showed so much unity and oneness when they supported the Mavhunga family after the abrupt ending of a young life of the beautiful Lufuno Mavhunga who’s passing was instigated by the acts of bullying that happened at Mbilwi High school which is situated at Sibasa in Limpopo Province.

We were all touched deeply and we want justice to be served for the young life which was lost, but there are so many questions which will remain unanswered surround her death.

Many of us if not all of us are pointing fingers at the Chiefs bully to be the one who instigated suicidal thoughts on Lufuno after she bullied her and the video went viral, and that is okay, but this may have had something even deeper.

We were told that on the fateful day, Lufuno went home and told her parents what happened, after that she went to her room and committed suicide, one wonders what exactly did parents say in response to her reaching out to them for protection.

There are parents who take matters lightly and take things for granted, when their kids reach out to them, they just push them away and the kids would feel unwanted and rejected, and that brings wrong thoughts into their heads.

Yes, what Candy was wrong and she has to take the blame for all this matter, but nobody knows exactly what her parents said exactly, that simply means even if what they said may have also triggered her suicidal thoughts, they will not tell anyone since there is Candy to take the entire blame.

As parents, we should all take it upon ourselves to see to it that we protect our kids at all times, protecting them does not necessarily mean that we should always be there where they are, but we can also protect them by what we say.

It is every parent’s duty to tell their kids that they are beautiful as many times as they can, tell them they love them as they are every day, if we don’t, they might feel inferior when their peers mock them out there because of their looks, they might feel unloved if their are never told.

In conclusion, we were all hurt by the passing of Lufuno, she had dreams and no parent deserves to go through such ain of losing a kid in this fashion, let us make sure we protect our kids emotionally and physically.