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What does black Halls and Stoney do sxually

What does black Halls and Stoney do s3xually?

The popular combination of Stoney and Black halls is used by some women who believe that this Combo helps them by tightening their private parts or [email protected] Combo has been trending on Social Media and many people tend to share their experiences with this combination. Some ladies do halls and ice combo for other s3xual and reproductive benefits.

If you know someone who also uses this combination you should tell them to stop using it because it has some devastating side effects. Some women complain that it gets painful throughout the whole deed and some complain about their discharge has various colors.

Stoney Ginger Beer is a ginger beer soft drink sold in several countries across Africa. Stoney is sold in a brown bottle or in a brown container, it is manufactured and sold by The Coca-Cola Company.

Unlike other ginger beers in comparison, the ginger flavor in Stoney is especially intense. There are several varieties of Stoney in some African countries.

Halls is the name of the brand of a popular mentholated cough drop. Halls is sold by the Cadbury-Adams Division of Cadbury, now owned by Mondelez International.

How do you use black halls and Stoney?

Drinking a brewed mixture of Stoney beer and gingered flavoured fizzy is believed by many women on social to promote lubrication , and [email protected] tightening. Black halls and stoney combo is also believed to help promote [email protected] flora and keeps away yeast infection.

Problems or side effects that may arise for using stoney and black halls for tightening…

1. It does not work.

2. [email protected] discharge

3. [email protected] odour

4. [email protected] burns

5. [email protected] infections that may be complicated by pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

6. Bacteria vaginosis

7. Yeast infection

8. Toilet infection. MORE ON nimedhealth