Home Entertainment What happened with ‘Ndosi’ from Ubambo Lwami? Is he still alive?

What happened with ‘Ndosi’ from Ubambo Lwami? Is he still alive?

Ubambo lwami is an SABC drama series which was produced between the year 1989 to 1992. This TV show had an amazing and talented cast members, which is the reason for its amazing success.

The Ubambo lwami cast members include: Menzi Ngubane, Don Eric Mlangeni, Daphney Hlomuka and Veronica Molefe. However, some of the cast members are now unknown and nowhere to be found. Where is that lady who was playing Rose? Where’s Winston Gama who was playing the role of Bheka Mthimkhulu? And also the man who was playing the role of Ndosi?

What’s surprising is that ‘Ndosi’s real name is unknown, i tried searching him on the internet but he seems as someone who doesn’t even exist in the industry. However, during my childhood there were rumours that ‘Ndosi’ had died a long time ago, but then still there were supposed to be articles about him just like any other famous TV actor.

Some of the old TV stories are very much interesting, which is why we end up having an interest to know more about the cast members’ lives. ‘Ndosi’ was such a great performer/actor, and it’s painful because we actually don’t have any information regarding him.