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What is isichitho and how do you remove it? | Signs of isichitho in a relationship?

On this article we will talk about isichitho.

First things first, what is isichitho,
Iisichitho is curse that is made by people using a muthi as to make a divisions in a relationship(or families) by making a victim un-attractive and annoying.

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In most cases it is done for dating purpose, the intention is to make the person who want to steal your partner un-attractive.

Isichitho will ruin another person’s life because it not only causes a breakup but also has an impact on how a person is treated in society, including at work, where it is possible to lose a job because you have isichitho in your blood. Isichitho can be used by both genders, male and female, but it is almost always used by a woman to another woman.

Who has isichitho, what are the symptoms of isichitho, here are 5 symptoms of isichitho:

– Rash on the face, sometimes on the body as well. Un-even skin, with pimples
– Crawling sensation on the face, sometimes on the body as well, ubukhuphe
– Un-attractive to opposite sex, sometimes to everybody even your family members
– Fighting every time with your partner can be a as a result of isichitho
– People will hate you for nothing

These are four common types of isichitho:

Bad smelling isichitho – this is called isichitho sephunga, where a victim smells bad
– isichitho for pimples and bad skin
– isichitho for nuisance
– isichitho for ubukhuphe – crawling face
– isichitho sezintwala

How to remove isichitho and cleanse yourself?