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What Made Boss Zonke End It All: Management Speaks

Rapper Riky Rick committed suicide and was found hanging in his Estate in the North of Johannesburg.

The Boss Zonke hitmaker shot to fame in 2015 when he debuted his album called Family Values. The album was certified platinum, and he released more hits over the years. The details and the cause of his death are sketchy for now, but Riky Rick committed suicide.

The musician’s management found him hanging after he suffered a severe depression. They tried helping him but he sadly died while en route to the hospital.

Riky Rick made social media trends a few days ago when his followers felt something strange with a video he released of him and his wife.

The video created a lot of negative attention as people noted that his wife Bianca was not very interested in partaking in the video and seemed uncomfortable. The video was released to show their Valentine’s celebrations day week.

Some feel that Ricky felt pressured to respond to the public. He explained and said his wife was “camera shy”. Some thought that the video was the first sign of cracks in their marriage and life.

Riky Rick left a cryptic message on his social media last night. “I’ll return a stronger man. This world is still my home,” Rick wrote. It is now seen as his way of signing out.

Social media has once again been called out as the catalyst for another celebrity taking his own life. A few weeks ago, Patrick Shai, a star and a well-known actor, took his own life, and social media’s toxic attack on him was called out as one of the reasons this happened. Riky Rick is seen as another victim of social media and cyberbullying.

Riky Rick seemed to read a farewell speech in a video released five months ago. He asked people to take care of each other if they didn’t hear from him again.

The entertainment world is shocked beyond words, and they all expressed grave concern over his death.