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What To Expect From President Cyril Ramaphosa’s National Address Tonight

As the country continues to have high numbers of new Coronavirus cases, it is obvious that the country is way far from returning to the much needed level one of lockdown.

Last year on the 28th of December while delivering his national address, President CyrilRamaphosa shocked the whole country when he placed it back to level 3 which was adjusted, placing stricter lockdown regulations just before New Year Eve.

The booze ban was meant to curb the surge of the second wave of the virus and to minimize the pressure in hospitals due to understaffed healthworkers and the shortage of hospital beds.

However, cases continue to rise and they are on an average of 20 000 new infections daily. This clearly means that despite the alcohol ban and trauma wards being filled to the core due to accidents and alcohol driven fights, the country is far from easing lockdown regulations.

According to timeslive.co.za, a source from the National Coronavirus Command Council says that Ramaphosa will be having yet another family meeting with his ‘fellow South Africans’, but it is not good news. He will be extending the level 3 adjusted lockdown to February 15th.

Also to note is that borders might be closed and curfew hours extended. The good news is, the country will not be going to lockdown level 5.

Health experts also suggested that Gauteng should go to lockdown level 4 because most people that are coming back from other provinces as they are going back to work might make matters worse. That remains to be confirmed by the president.

During the weekend while on an interview with Newzroom Afrika, Ramaphosa hinted that there will be a national address tonight.

David Makhura the Premier of Gauteng also hinted that there will be a family meeting today with the president while visiting Steve Biko Academic Hospital which has gone viral on social media due to overcrowding of Covid-19 patients in their tents and the shortage of beds.

On social media,citizens were less than impressed and they keep blaming the government for current situation of the country, and they say if the government did not loot the funds which were meant for the surge of the virus, the country would not be in this position.