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How To Keep Her Interested On A Phone Call

Try to get her to do the talking. Actively listen to her and not worry about what you are going to say next. If she expresses an emotion, empathize with her. For example  if she says, “I’m really excited about going to XYZ” say something like, “You sound really excited about that! It sounds like a lot of fun.” If she shares a story about an experience she has had, give your opinion of it in a positive way and/or share a similar experience of your own. You could say, “Wow! You really handled that situation the right way. I would have done the same thing. Here’s a similar situation I was in . . .”

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Before she starts talking, you might need to break the ice. Here are a list of things you can ask or talk about. Don’t use them all, of course, if you don’t need to.

How are you doing?

What has your summer been like? Have you done anything fun or traveled anywhere?

Make a comment about the weather. Tell her your favorite season. “I’m totally a summer person because . . .” Or “I’m always looking forward to Fall this time of year because . . .” and “What’s your favorite season?”

What are you doing this weekend?

Tell her a funny or amusing story about something you’ve recently experienced.

Have you talked to so and so lately/do you hang out with so and so much? (If you have a mutual friend). Share a fun memory of the person.

Is there a fun memory related to the place or situation where you two met? If so, share it with her. “It’s funny. I met you at XYZ. Last year when I was there, this happened . . .”