Home Celebrity Buzz Where did former Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu (Lerato) disappear to?

Where did former Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu (Lerato) disappear to?

Samkelo Ndlovu is a brilliant actress who played the character of Lerato on Rhythm City. Samkelo, however, left the former eTV soapie before it got discontinued. Lerato was a girl from the townships with bucket loads of ambition. She was persistent on her way, climbing up the corporate ladder and fighting many battles on her way. Her greed and passion got her the world.

She fought to play dangerous games with villains. She dabbled in a lot of illegal dealings and seduction as well. She ended up being the CEO of a radio station and, at some point, owning shares at a recording label. What was the end of Lerato?

A character called Nomasonto blackmailed Samkelo with a video of her present during an unresolved murder. Lerato was an accomplice, and if the video got out, she would go to prison. After carefully calculating how she’d get out of the mess, Lerato succumbed to the blackmail. After some time, she reigned as the CEO of a radio station.

Lerato told Nomasonto she was leaving, but she would be back with a vengeance one day. It wasn’t the first time Samkelo left Rhythm City, so Mzansi expected her to come back one day. Unfortunately, the show got discontinued before she could.

Samkelo started acting on the small screens in 2010 on Zone 14. She then made her way up in the acting world by appearing in more productions like the movie Skyf and the drama series Soul City. She also acted on Zone 14 and Inkaba, but her most notable role was on Rhythm City.

In the past, she expressed that she has a good singing voice. She started singing covers and performing at various events. She then released a soulful house song with Dj Kent called Vertigo.

After leaving Rhythm City, she released an Amapiano song called Into Yam. She performs the music when she is booked as an artist.

Currently, she is both a musician and a club host. She hosts events in clubs, and she is living her best life whilst at it. More and more celebrities are venturing into a club hosting as it pays remarkably well and the job isn’t too hard. Some of the other Mzansi stars include Pearl Thusi and Amanda du-Pont. – Online