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Which soapville housewife is for the taking, KaMadonsela from #Imbewu or MaMlambo from #Uzalo?

It is their striking resemblance that has Uzalo and Imbewu fans getting the sisters vibes from the two. Despite their similar physical features, the two actresses’ roles are similar.
Kamadonsela from Imbewu and MaMlambo from Uzalo’s characters are centered around the same personality. Both are spiritual, down to earth women who wear modest clothing.
As a recast of the role, some viewers take time to compare her to her predecessor. Kamadonsela is composed and if cucumber was a person, she would be one. She rarely questions her husband’s infidelity and only lashes out through actions.
Brenda Mhlongo Biography: Age, Husband, Children, Music, Awards, Fashion, Travelling, Cars, Net worth, Imbewu
The role is brought to life by the 40 year old Brenda Mhlongo. Her sense of style is completely different to that of Kamadonsela.  She has worked in and beyond Mzansi’s precincts therefore it is without a doubt that the actress is living lavish. Speaking on her role she has this to say:
“I love to be challenged with any role I have to play. She’s umam’umfundisi (Pastor’s wife), which is someone who would have completely different qualities to who I am in real life. To have the chance to experience that contrast and bring the character to life how I see fit has been quite the experience,” says Mhlongo.
She is one actress who is a fan favourite and has been named a good fit for KaMadonsela’s replacement. Although spiritual and modest, Mamlambo’s outspokenness is captivating. Her ability to play a role way older than she is makes her even better.
Ma’Mlambo is a prejudiced, loud-mouth and a rumour monger. She is the men stealing type on the show but she surely steals everyone’s attention when she steps into the scene. The role is played by 29 year old Gugu Gumede. Her offscreen character is fond of showing off her natural hair unlike Mamlambo who is always wearing a doek.
“I’m fine with my hair in it is natural state but most people would not see it as beautiful,” she says. She goes on to point out that beauty is subjective, a pure state of mind. So whether you rock inches or the afro, you are still slaying girl!!, she says.
Despite the urge to compare these two actresses, they have more similarities than differences. Both execute their roles flawlessly and are talented in their own right.
Just as the duo’s onscreen characters are similar, so are their fashion senses. Let’s take time to admire their gorgeous outfits.