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Who Said You Can’t Be A Traditional Healer And Slay At The Same Time?

Prudence Thandiwe Magula is a traditional healer who is known her uncestral name “Gogo ngwemabala”. She is a 25 years old who lost her mother when she was still young and to raise her siblings. She does have a father but they don’t live in the same place as she moved out after she bought a house.

She is also a professional nurse. She is many things that SouthAfrican hospitals need like mixing both African and Western medication I’m a patient. The traditional healers have been fighting a ware so that their medicine can also be sold just like the Western medication and they worn.

Some traditional healer’s have a certificate to sell and have their own chemist that sells their traditional medication. She is an inspiration to many South Africans out there who think being a traditional healer will limit you and change you from the way you used to live.

This young lady managed to study and passed. Right now she is a well known nurse and a traditional healer who is neat and has achieved a lot of things on her age. Being a traditional healer doesn’t change anyone, it doesn’t mean people shop stop caring and looking after themselves but it just means you got an opportunity to heal others and help them where they need your help.

Here is the house that he bought at the age of 24years old.