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Who Stole Tenda’s Child On #Muvhango ?

Some people say what goes around shall always come back around, Looking at the Muvhango soapie on Sabc 2, Tenda Mudzumi is that kind if the guy who has always took pleasure in hurting others but looking at what happened at the latest episode. His child has been stolen which simply means that it is now his time to feel the pain when the person who stole the child feels the pleasure.

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But then who could the theive that stole the baby be? I mean Mpho has no enemies but as for tenda he has lots of them which he made in his business career and personal life.I mean he is enemies woth the likes of James Motsamayi.K.K Mulaudzi And the entire Vhakwevho family.

So who among all this people and other enemies of him which we did not mention could have stole his child? This question was asked on social media and guess who a lot of people assume could be the thief,See the comments below.


Looking at all this comments a lot of individuals seems convinced that Marang is the one behind the theft which makes sense if you should connect the dots I mean, Marang is the only lady who is desperately looking for a child and by judging by what kind of scam she is, One can assume that she could be the one behind it with the intention of clamming she gave birth prematurely to James and having the child being raised elsewhere where Tenda won’t even get hold of the child.

But although a lot of people suspect it was Marang I also suspect that the likes of Mulimisi an Azwindini could be behind that theft for obvious reasons.For Mulimisi it could be to get Tenda to confess about the death of hulisani, For Azwindini it could be to go confirm if the child is not really his since she got pregnant while married to him and no tests were done to prove that he is not the father.

According to your understanding of the storyline and the capabilities of Tenda’s enemies, who could have stolen the child? Leave the ancestors out of it if it was them they wouldn not get into the ward dressed in the nurse’s uniform the child could have vanished.

So seeing that the person who stole the child was wearing a uniform of the health workers served as proof that it