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Who Will The River’s Tumi Marry Next Season?

Who will Tumi marry in the next season between Khabzela, Zolani, Charlie, and Percival?

The River’s Tumi is unstable, unpredictable and seems to have more luck in marriage than in winning the lottery. She’s our very own version of Brooke Logan but broke. Fans of the show seem to think that her marriage to Mabutho won’t last given the latest developments between her and Lindani.

Lindani now knows that she killed Mbali and wants her to come clean to the Dikana’s and the authorities whereas Mabutho wants her to keep the secret. According to the teasers, something is going to happen to Lindani next Monday; the 2nd of November.

We already know that Lunga Shabala who plays Lindani has already exited the show according to various media outlets and the statements he’s given to the press about his exit.

Now the question from the fans is: how long will Tumi stay married to Mabutho if they even make it to the altar and who will be her next victim between Khabzela, Charlie, Percival, and her ex-husband; Zolani.

She has a habit of bringing stray men to her mother’s mansion, so the chances of her marrying Zolani are actually very slim. She might just rekindle her flame with Zolani because of loneliness and not marry him at all, also Zolani doesn’t qualify because he’s already rich and they’re related.

So, that leaves Khabzela, Charlie, and Percival.

Khabzela definitely fits her category of men because he’s broke and homeless but he’s a loudmouth and they’re like siblings. So, that leaves Charlie and Percival.

Charlie knows Tumi’s darkest secret, so she might actually throw in marriage to shut him up, but will he agree? Will he agree to share the same house as Lindiwe, the woman who almost ended his life? Probably not!

So, that leaves Percival.

Percival is humorous; he’s her brother’s best friend and also a loudmouth but fits all the qualities Tumi looks for in a man; broke and hungry.

– IHarare