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Why are women compared to the Dangerous snake? Read

snakes are the most dangerous species in the world, very deceptive and attacks when you least expect. It started back in the bible when Eve communicated with with it and it deceptively told her to eat from the garden they were told not to eat. But because of its slick tounge Eve listened to it.

And Eve possessing same characteristics of the snake she made Adam(the man) to also eat from the tree.

The inside features of the mouth in snakes is built in a way that it resembles the female’s organ.

Study revealed that in the snakes world, the female always consumes the male. This shows power of the female gender.

In human it is still the same circle. Men are appear to be the leaders while at the back women are actually calling the shots.

Even in growth. The female both snakes and human, they grow bigger than their Male counterparts.opinion

Have you ever encountered the venom of a female?