Home News Why did Ramaphosa leave the country when Zuma was arrested?

Why did Ramaphosa leave the country when Zuma was arrested?

Everything is about Zuma in South Africa now, people even forgot about the Third wave that is making rounds in South Africa. Jacob Zuma stole the spotlight and he is having all the attention he needs. This is not going to end in a proper way, after people flogged to Nkandla on weekend and showed that they support Zuma and want him not to be incarcerated. It is important that we do not mix politics with the justice system.

All the court cases are not influenced by politics. The justice system is independent of political point of view and this will allow all the judiciary to never be influenced by the politics and make harsh decisions or light decisions in their judgements. This is what is currently happening with Msholozi. All of these actions are happening under the silence of the current South African president and people are wondering what this means, as the leader of this nation cannot quiet with such a serious case, that could lead to many people being killed in the process.

This has sparked debate on twitter, as people suggest that Ramaphosa left the country during the Zuma saga and what this means? Is he running away from being responsible for the downfall of Msholozi? This is what left people loggerheads on social media in the AM’s. Ramaphosa left this country for various reasons. Surely, he couldn’t stay before the court has found Zuma guilty and has to see what happens to him. Ramaphosa has the authority to comment on the Covid-19 violations rules that were seen in Nkandla in the past weekend.

Some suggest that it shows lack of quality leadership from Ramaphosa when he leaves the country at the time when there is a crisis that might affect the lives of the people forever. Presidents are the busiest people to be alive, they have back to back schedules, meetings to attend and businesses to run to ensure that they keep their countries going. For Ramaphosa to leave this country he did not do it out of fun. People are still in shock after the arrest of Msholozi.