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Why is the First Lady of South Africa not using her marital surname?

In our culture as Africans, when you get married as a woman you have to change your surname to take your husband’s surname. However some people have put some twist to it and they do not change their surname but they add the surname of the husband and they would normally have two surnames.

In most cases this is done because people don’t want to loose their surnames and they could be many other reason for this. One of this reason it could be that the surname holds too much value that they just can’t change it.

Currently the first Lady of South Africa is Tshepo Motsepe as she is the wife of president Cyril Ramaphosa and they have four children together. They got married in 1991 and this is Ramaphosa’s third marriage.

She is the sister of Bridgett Motsepe and her brother is South Africa’s black billionare Patrice Motsepe. The First Lady of South Africa does not use her marital surname and could this be a Motsepe culture because even her sister is married to Jeff Radebe but she did not change her surname let alone just to add the surname.

Tshepo Motsepe is a medical doctor and a businesswoman. Tshepo Motsepe studied as a medical doctor at the University of KwaZulu Natal and completed her masters in public health at Harvard School of Public Health. In 2012, she completed a Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program (SECP) at the Gordon Institute of Business Science.