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Why most celebs are becoming Sangomas

A lot of Mzansi celebrities have shared they are traditional healers or undergoing initiation to become one.

After Skeem Saam actress Oratile Maitisa recently answered her ancestral calling and shared that she is now a sangoma, many people started questioning why a lot of Mzansi celebrities are now becoming sangomas.

Expert Bab’Nzama revealed why he thought this was the case.

He said celebrities were not just getting initiated as sangomas because they were following a trend.

“People need to understand that a person doesn’t just wake up and decide to be a sangoma. All these people they see accepting their callings are not doing it for fun or to be part of an ongoing trend,” he said.

“They go through this process because they have problems that are bothering them in their lives and when they go consult, they get told they need to get initiated first before they can be solved. Ukuthwasa is not something that should be played with because getting through that is not easy,” he said.

Here’s a list of celebrities that are sangomas and have been open about their calling:

Luyanda Potwana

The presenter of SABC1’s Nyan Nyan recently completed his training. He told the People’s Paper that accepting his calling was the best decision he has ever made.

“I’ve always known about my calling as the signs were there. I guess fear of the unknown was the reason I took so long to accept it,” he said.

“You cannot run away from who you are, otherwise, you will be living a lie.”

Speaking about those who believe that people with spiritual gifts are possessed, he said: “There is nothing you can do to change that mindset if they themselves don’t want to learn and accept who they are. We live in one world but God made us differently. The sooner we understand that, the better things will become.”

Dineo Langa

The talented media personalities who tied the knot after seven years of dating her boyfriend Solo Langa, who is also a sangoma, opened about her ancestral calling last year.

Speaking about her calling Dineo, who currently plays Mmakoena in SABC 3’s telenovela The Estate, said accepting her calling came with time. She revealed that the day she found out she had a calling she was at a sangoma to consult for something different.

“For me, I had gone to check something totally separate. While that was addressed, then came this very heavy block of, ‘Hey, you are gifted – fanele uyothwasa’. My mind went spinning because I was like, ‘What do you mean? It could not be. I don’t know if this is a thing for me’,” she said.

“It took such a long time for me to accept it because there’s you finding out, and then there’s you accepting it,” she said.

Letoya Makhene

The actress has been vocal about accepting her spiritual gift and even runs her own practice. She recently set tongues wagging when she revealed she charges R1000 an hour per consultation. She told people they should start respecting her line of work as most of them felt like R1000 was too much.

The talented actress who plays Tshidi in Generations: The Legacy once revealed it hasn’t been always easy being a sangoma. She told True Love in an interview that she once ran away from an initiation school because it was too hard.


When she came out as a sangoma back in 2016, the media personality turned rapper received a lot of criticism from the public, but she held her head up high.

Since then her life has been under the spotlight with many people constantly questioning her choices.

In an interview on Metro FM, the media personality clarified there is a difference between Boity the brand and who she is as “Gogo Boitumelo”.

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