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Why Vuyo “Gadaffi” Dabula Refused To Meet His Lookalike

Vuyo “Gadaffi” Dabula lookalike left hurt after being snubbed by the star.

The Mpumalanga model whose uncanny resemblance to actor Vuyo Dabula has been left disappointed after Gadaffi made it clear that he wants nothing to do with him and snubbed a chance of them meeting. This after the 28 year old Abednigo Mabaso said he wished to meet the actor everyone mistakes him for.

Abednigo Mabaso, 28, from Mphenyatsatsi village in Bushbuckridge, who was recently crowned Mr Bushbuckridge, said people always call him “Gadaffi” – Dabula’s character on TV – and want to take pictures with him. Dabula plays the role of Gadaffi or Kumkani Phakade in Generations: The Legacy.

The Vuyo “Gadaffi” Dabula lookalike said : “It’s not a such a bad thing to look like a celebrity, someone who’s a role model to many. I used to fight it back then but the more I fight it the more people keep calling me Gadaffi … now I made peace with it. In some instances people stare at me, others scream and ask to take pictures or that I sign autographs. It’s when I tell them that I’m not that person they mistake me for then they start staring at me,” said Mabaso.

The model who has been featured in local magazines and fashion shows around Mpumalanga was raised by a single mother along with her sisters. “As a person who people believe is Dabula, I would definitely like to meet him one day,” said Mabaso.

However, his wishes were met with a cold shoulder from Dabula, who didn’t want anything to do with his lookalike. “Not really into all of this, I gotta decline,” said Dabula in a text seen by iHarare and was sent to Sowetan