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Winnie Ntshaba gets candid about playing a witch

Winnie Ntshaba is currently doing the most on Mzansi Magic’s The Herd. The actress, who was first introduced to viewers years ago as Khethiwe on Generations, now plays a witch – a character that’s very different from Khethiwe.

When asked if she did any research to prepare for the character, she told Afternoon Express in an interview this week: “I did not do no research. The script for me was so beautifully written that everything was just there.”

She said all she had to do was to breathe life into it, “Because research meant I would have to go meet some witches, which for me, I’m a Christian, for me it was going to be tapping into some different, difficult dark world which, yeah. I know there are no jokes in the spirit realm but let me tell you when I got the role I had to go speak to my pastor because I had those reservations of there are no jokes in the spirit.”

She shared that her pastor told her that this was her comeback as she had taken a break from TV. She also added that her pastor said they’d pray for and cover her.

On witchcraft, Winnie said: “These are issues that we need to talk about. These are issues that we cannot really sweep off. They do happen, we do need to address such things.”

Source: ZAlebs