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Woman Asked Unathi Nkayi For Weight Loss Advice 6 Years Ago. See How She Looks Now

She’s one of Mzansi’s most loved celebs so she meets a lot of fans. She’s generally quite nice to them too – willing to take the odd selfie with them, have a laugh and maybe share a few words of wisdom.

But Unathi Nkayi is only human. So when she shows no emotion, her face registering zero recognition, when a fan comes up to her it’s simply because she’s forgotten the first meeting ever happened.

This time, when a woman by the name of Nondwe Mei came up to the media personality, saying they’ve met before, Uthathi simply could not believe it. By the time her memory caught up, she was in disbelief.

“I screamed ‘Nondwe WTF Joe you look so sexy,’” Unathi shared on Monday after it clicked this was the Nondwe who had asked her for weight loss advice in 2016.

Nondwe responded by laughing and letting her know, “It’s coz I did EVERYTHING you told me to do, Unsta (sic).”

The South African media personality and radio presenter has often shared her own weight loss journey from the moment she decided she wasn’t happy with her body.

Unathi also uses her social media pages to celebrate and share weight goals and inspires others to do the same.

Nondwe Mei is one of the many women who were inspired by the fitness fanatic.

In 2016, Nondwe reached out to the mother of two and asked if the former Idols South Africa judge could guide her on her weight loss journey. Unathi apparently sat down with Nondwe, gave her an eating plan and gym regimen to follow.

Six years later, the woman who took Unathi’s advice is almost unrecognisable.

Unathi took to Instagram to share her reaction when she saw Nondwe again.