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Woman gets married 3 months after being dumped by her boyfriend

An unidentified woman has left internet users confused with her wedding barely three months after she was dumped by her ex-boyfriend. The woman is said to have dated her ex for four years before he decided to break up with her. A section of internet users lauded the woman for choosing not to waste her time mourning the relationship.

Others called her out, saying all she wanted was a wedding, not a partner.

It is not common to find women who move on real fast after a break-up, especially if the relationship had been a long-term one. But for one woman, separating with her boyfriend of four years was a blessing in disguise.

After being dumped, the unidentified woman did not lose hope in love but instead chose to give it a second chance.

Nigerian celebrity photographer Uche, who shared the story on her Twitter handle, said this time around, three months in, the relationship ended in marriage.

“This babe has been dating this guy for like four years then the guy said he wanted a break and I kid you not three months later this babe is fully married. I have so many questions,” she tweeted.

While the woman might have found the happiness she longed for, people had different opinions on the matter. Some supported her decision to move on so soon while others suggested all that she cared about was a wedding.

“Women always have options. Just because they dedicate their time to you does not mean there are no people she is shunning. In this life, there are people more daring than their current partner but loyalty will make them discard it until you start going mad.”