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Xigubu Hit Maker Reveals She Now Lives In A Shack Despite Having The Biggest Song In SA In 2013

Remember the 2013 Hit song Xigubu? With its success and the noise it made when it was released, one would think the voice behind the hit single would be making lots of money.

But, sadly, Fiesta Black, does not recall ever getting paid a fair amount for her work while signed under Ganyani Entertainment.

Fiesta Black, real name Thandi Nakampe Mokgoankgoa, was a guest on MacG’s Podcast And Chill and she shed a tear when speaking about being signed under DJ Ganyani’s record label, Ganyani Entertainment.

Fiesta Black broke into the music scene with Ganyani’s smash hit Xigubu but after that people forgot about her. Fast forward to 2017, she returned to the spotlight while signed under Muthaland Entertainment and worked on new music but Fiesta, according to her, still lives in a shack in Orange Farm.

A scared Fiesta said she does not want to talk too much about this but eventually broke down into tears. She said when she was signed under Ganyani she apparently had no set income despite having a lot of gigs per weekend.

“Till this day I do not remember me having a set booking fee, for me where I can say ‘this is how much I get,’” she said before breaking down into tears.

After regaining her composure she questioned why she was on Podcast And Chill because she was not ready. Fiesta then said she was in a very dark place and had turned to alcohol but it made things very worse for her. But now that she has her fire back, she is much better.