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YFM listeners share which celebrities they have slept with

YFM’s The Best Drive host – DJ Sabby and co-host – Tshepi caused pandemonium on the airwaves on Tuesday afternoon when they asked listeners to call in and reveal which celebrities they’ve actually had intercourse with.

But here’s the interesting part, the listeners who called in revealed that they had sx with these celebrities whilst some of the celebs were still in relationships with other people.

One caller alleges that he had sx with Mshoza, and then another male caller said that he had a thing with Nadia Nakai whilst she was still in a relationship.

A fitness trainer commented via social media and mentioned that he wouldn’t reveal any names but that he was smashing a well-known singer. He insisted that the singer at the time wasn’t in a relationship. We wonder who the singer is.

A female caller also chimed in and mentioned that she remembers being with a group of girls and playing the game – Have I Ever one of the girls then came out to reveal that she had allegedly had sx with a rapper who was already in a relationship at the time.

“I remember I was with a group of girls and we just so happen to be playing Having I Ever and that question came up. And this girl came out and said she and Reason had a thing, like a one night stand. I don’t remember the details but they did do the nasty on a balcony and it was around the time when Reason was still married. So this girl was proudly the side chick to uReason and I was shooketh!” Said the caller.

DJ Sabby opened the platform to the artists and mentioned that if they wanted to dispute these claims they are welcomed to do so.

Of course, we’re taking all these claims with a pinch of salt as everything you hear is not always true.

Source: ZAlebs