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You are in a wrong Relationship your ancestors will do this to you

Ancestors warn you if you have entered into a wrong relationship that is not good or dangerous for you but we often ignore things or are not disciplined to let them go on.

Sign that you are in a relationship that your ancestors did not approve.

1. Block your womb or they shut down your manhood

Ancestors can block your womb not conceiving children or your manhood not producing children and you can try too many doctors but nothing they can help with .

Reason there’s a war between you and your ancestors it can be both of your parents or one of them trying to protect you but because you stubborn you don’t listen them.

2. you have lost your job for no apparent reason and you wonder why until the wife leaves you or the husband leaves you.

He says he left you if they were sick and alive, if they were fired for no reason they would call you and tell you you were not guilty and go back to work.

We need to respect our ancestors by ordering what they told us not to do in order we shouldn’t blame them whenever things turn against us.

Our ancestors warn us if they don’t find something that is good happening in us by in a dream they come and show us the wrong thing and they also show us when our enemies rebel against us.