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You are trash – Angry Moonchild Sanelly confronts baby daddy who kicked her and kids out in the streets

The latest episode of Moonchild Sanelly‘s reality show, Woza, was a trigger for many all over the timeline. The star confronted the father of her children for everybody to see and sis was definitely fuming.

The Weh Mameh hitmaker came for the father of her children and accosted him for apparently being an absent father who runs away from his responsibilities. The performer yelled at him for not taking responsibility where their children are involved.

In the episode, Moonchild talks about how the father of her kid’s family never supported her in anything. Adding that one if her kids are epileptic because a family member dropped her as a baby.

She then told him that she will tell her kids what type of a father they have and warn them to not attract a man like that in future. “Your children are going to watch this and I will tell them never date a man like your father because he’s trash. Thank you for your sperm, you’re dismissed,” she said.

In her diary session, she backtracks from her words as they were said in a moment of frustration. She encourages single mothers to not poison their children because there will come a time where the dads will have to come back and rectify their mistakes, by answering to their children.

“This is for all the women who are raising kids on their own because of a runaway father. It’s for all the women who do not have to make up stories but don’t have to talk trash about them in front of their kids, because he still has a day where he still has to explain to them.

“Don’t break their spirits because of an idiot, protect their space because his time is going to come where he has to explain a lot of things to them,” she said.

On social media, may women referred to their dead-beat baby daddies as sperm donors. Women thanked Moonchild for raising this topic to which she responded by saying, “We raise our kids to make better choices than us.

But mostly to never attract partners like their dads.”

Sanelly’s baby daddy has been very abusive towards her and their children who are twins. Taking to social media, she reveals that he once kicked her and their twin babies who were 5-months-old out in the streets of Johannesburg. At the time, she said her kids do not know their father.

Despite the emotional burden that the father of her children put on her, she says he goes around telling people that she is the one who took the kids away from him.

“Too many lasts! When I got kicked out by my baby daddy with our twins of 5months, turning 7 (in) 2020. No tears, just love ,digital tablets, good school, privacy & joy without knowing who the fuck he is! Found out he still says I took kids away when he kicked us out! We good tho!” she said.