Home News You cannot believe who has just arrived in Nkandla

You cannot believe who has just arrived in Nkandla

The former president Jacob Zuma has been given until today to hand himself to the Police following his 15 Month imprisonment after charges of failing to appear before the Constitutional Court. Jacob Zuma informed the Country that he will be addressing the country tonight at 18:00 regarding the matter of his arrest.

According to the sources, If the President failed to hand himself, The minister of Police will be allowed to do his job to arrest him forcefully. Different Minister has been seen going in and out of the Zuma residence during the week.

Today the Minister of Settlement, Water and Sanitation has also arrived in Nkandla to talk to him after the address. What they will be discussing has not been revealed. People were surprised why she went there, some assumed that she just went there to show off her fashion senses.