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You’re Not Ugly, Just Broke – SA Celebrities Before And After They Became Rich And Famous

We look at our favourite ZAlebs and assume they have always been glamorous. But seeing their throwback pictures can shatter the illusion of perfection in an instant. Can you imagine that these stylish people looked like struggle at one time?

We know it’s hard to take our word for it, so here is a list of some of the most shocking “before and after” celebrity photos.

Babes and Mampintsha

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha Shimora are the very definition of “for life”. They have been together for 10 years, and welcomed their first child just recently. That means they have been in each other’s lives long enough to see both the struggle and the glow up, and as Babes shared, it has been a tremendous transformation.

While they may have their toxic moments, we have to admit that we see the appeal of staying with someone who has been with you through it all. I mean, they loved each other even when they were broke and looked dusty. You have to stan that!

Shauwn Mkhize and Rami Chuene

Entrepreneur Shauwn Mkhize and actress Rami Chuene have been very close friends for quite some time now, and we love to see the progress of old friendships. The icing of the cake is when it is actually in pictures, because not only do the pictures inspire us, they also give us quite the chuckle.

As Rami shared a picture of them from way back before they were rich and glamorous, she laughed at how far they had both come. She made fun of their skin back then, but do you see any problem with their faces? I mean, they looked that great with no makeup on and the bad photo quality of circa 2013-2014. They could certainly get it even back then.

Ntando Duma

Ntando Duma is one celebrity that has come a long way. And as she now prepares to debut a new show, we cannot help but look in awe at her journey. It may not exactly be from rags to riches, but it certainly from some orange-looking face to the glowing queen we now know and love.

As she took to Instagram to share her side-by-side before and after pictures, we love that Ntando had the humour to laugh at herself. It certainly made us feel better about laughing first. But she made it clear that her glow up is not because of money – she is still poor. Sis, why are you lying?

Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee looks like the kind of guy who has been a menace since he was younger, if his throwback picture is anything to go by. With those unruly dreadlocks, his tongue out, and that pose that seems to say “come at me if you dare”, he must have been a pretty interesting guy to hang out with in his youth.

While fans were certainly tickled by the picture and the tough past that it represents, they still remember the old Kaybee. And although we cannot go as far as to label either of them the “real Kaybee”, one thing stands: he was a legend then, and he is a legend now.

Boity Thulo and Minnie Dlamini

We have gotten so used to seeing Boity Thulo and Minnie Dlamini looking glamorous, which is why their throwback picture captured our attention like it did. As they shared a snap they took together in 2010, we just have to thank proper lighting and growth because wow, this picture is a lot!

It was great to see that the two of them had their goofy moments together. They have both become such icons in Mzansi pop culture that it almost feels like they have to take themselves very seriously nowadays. The photo was a nice flashback to the days when life was simpler and Boity and Minnie were just two young goofy girls having fun as they try to make it.

Khanyi Mbau and her daughter Cannes

The Wife actress Khanyi Mbau recently celebrated her daughter Khanukani aka Cannes’s birthday by taking us all on a trip down memory lane. She shared pictures of them through the years, and the cutest part was watching them grow together.

Of course one of the first things that fans noticed was Khanyi’s change in complexion. It’s no secret that Khanyi lightens her skin – she talks about it regularly – but seeing the transformation through side-by-side photos just really brought the reality home, you know?

Khanyi is probably one of the few to whom the whole “you’re not ugle, just broke” phrase doesn’t apply. She was gorgeous even back then, and we wouldn’t say that money has “made her beautiful”. It’s really just a change in complexion, but we still think the old Khanyi was a total knockout.

Somizi Mhlongo

Listen, we love Somizi. We really do. But neh, his glow up is probably one of the realest in Mzansi. I mean, wow. And we mean this is the best way possible – Somizi stans please don’t come for us – but he looked like struggle back then.

Do we blame the bad cameras back then or the photo quality? Or had he just not found his unique style yet? Whatever it was, this phase was just not working for the choreographer.

But boy are we glad he finally found his style! He is an absolute fashionista, and he steps out of his house like he’s headed to a pageant. Whatever he is doing now, he is doing it right. The new Somizi is everything we hope to be, and we love to see it.

If these ZAlebs could make such big transformations, worry not. Your glow-up is coming. Just focus on chasing the bag and the beauty will follow. And if that doesn’t work, maybe you can pay people to call you beautiful? Is that how that works? We wouldn’t know; our face cards have never declined. All the best, though.