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Zahara speaks on ‘being paid by Alph Lukau’ after recent visit

Musician Zahara has addressed the frenzy around her visit to controversial pastor Alph Lukau’s church late last year, telling TshisaLIVE that she was not paid for the visit and slamming suggestions it was a publicity stunt.

The video of Lukau praying for Zahara was shared widely on social media this week amidst reports that she was facing financial difficulties and could soon lose her home and luxury car.

Zahara visited the church late last year and was “blessed” by the pastor to have her difficulties removed.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zahara said that she was invited to the church after getting in touch with another pastor at the church.

She said that while she had told this pastor about her issues with sore joints, she did not expect the pastor to call on her during the service and pray for her condition.

“I was invited to the church, but not by Lukua. I wanted to go with my family because we are all devout Christians and we go to church together all the time. I waited for a time when we would all be free and then went.

“I didn’t expect anything, but suddenly he (pastor Lukau) came to me and started praying. I don’t know how he knew about my joints but I didn’t tell him.”

She slammed suggestions that the visit was staged and that she received money for the visit.

“I was not paid. I went because I was invited to go to church. It wasn’t for attention or anything. I was simply worshipping.”

Source: TimesLIVE