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Zahara wants the Qwabe twins

Zahara is apparently still struggling to get into contact with Viggy and Virginia Qwabe but still has an interest in signing them even though they’re longer part of Idols SA.

While the twins proved to be powerhouse singers, Zahara initially showed interest in signing them should they not make it as the winners of the singing competition.

However, after a “dramatic” exit from the singing competition by Viggy shortly after her sister Virginia was eliminated, Zahara still believes they have a beautiful story to tell.

If all goes according to plan and Zahara does end up signing the twins under her record label, she told TshisaLIVE she plans to give them freedom to decide how they want to tell their story through music.

“You cannot box people, so I will give them the freedom to be themselves. After the singing competition, they know what it is that they want to do. They know that they are talented in and know what their dreams and aspirations are. Also, they know how they want to tell their story.”

Zahara added that all she can do is advise them on how to tell their story because she believes she knows where they were coming from. “I can hear in the kind of songs that they mostly sing, I think I understand where they want to be.”

Although she’s never had a conversation or made any contact with Viggy and Virginia, Zahara explained that she had shown her interest on social media.

“I called each and everyone that I thought could have their number, even they know that I showed interest in signing them, well, at least they know that I’m open to working with them.

“I was just looking at those girls and I realised that they reminded me of myself and then I was like ‘they might not win Idols seeing that only one person can win and that doesn’t mean that the twins can’t sing if they don’t win’.”

She said there was something inside of her that told her she had to do something with the twins.

“Before they left the singing competition, I wanted them to know that even if they didn’t win they had a home here with me. Whether they wanted to be signed under me or they want me to mentor them in kind of way, I am here.”

With high spirits and thoughts that the twins might be reading this article, Zahara encouraged them to know that they have a story to tell and that her arms are still open for them.

“Even though you are out of Idols SA, just know that you have a story to tell and it’s a beautiful one. I’m still here and my arms are still open wide for you, whether it’s signing, mentoring or anything else.”

– TimesLIVE