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Zahara’s manager finally speaks out

The entertainment industry is not all glitz and glamour. Our beloved celebrities are not immuned to life’s fallacies.

South Africa’s much loved musician, Zaharahas been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons this past week.

What was meant to be a cry for help, regarding the Loliwe hitmaker’s millions of rands that is owed to her. Recently, Zahara opened up about her struggle with alcohol. However in new twists of events, Zahara’s manager and business partner, Sanele Dlamini has come out to slam her self pity, as in actual fact she is the one that is inflicting pain unto herself with self destructive tactics.

According to Sunday Sun, Sanele stated that Zahara simply wants public sympathy. He further added that the award winning star failed to properly manage her finances, which had spread out to dangerous avenues including, bad company and alcohol. Her level of alcoholism had even damaged her liver.

Speaking to the publication, he was quoted as saying:”Zahara spent the whole of December in hospital because her liver had collapsed due to alcohol.”

Sanele Dlamini spoke candidly to Sunday Sun, as he mentioned that Zahara had become unprofessional hence she would rock up for performances drunk or even miss her interviews and important meetings. Numerous attempts to reel Zahara back to the correct and fruitful path has proven to be futile as even rehab did not work for her.

Like any good talent manager, Sanele told the publication that he had grown tired of covering up for Zahara to music promoters when she failed to pitch for performances.

Sanele also had this to say about Zahara:”Her own family is scared of her because she is the breadwinner and they can’t even tell her to stop drinking.”

Everyone goes through the most in life. Zahara is no different from the rest of us. She has previously proven to triumph over her ordeals, therefore there is hope that she will rise up again.

Source: ZAlebs