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Zimbabwean Lady Who Was Caught in Bed With A 13-year-Old Boy Wins Big In Court

Precious Teya, who was imprisoned under the watchful eye of a court for having sekz with a teen, has been granted a reprieve after being released on $10,000 bail after a successful bail application at the High Court on Friday, March 5.

Teya, who was initially denied bail when she appeared before Harare common justice Vongai Guwuriro on charges of foul assault, was granted bail after High Court Judge Tawanda Chitapi determined that the teenager was a willing and consenting participant based on the evidence presented.

Teya’s legal team was successful in arguing that his client was not a minor since he was 13 years old at the time of his idiosyncrasy and the way he began the s_xual encounter did not prove he was a minor. The adjudicator said, “Condemning.”

The State claims that the litigant was confined to the home, but this is clearly incorrect since, in the event that this is correct, there was no explanation for the casualty to take care of his family with sleeping pills.

In either case, Teya was granted $10,000 bail by a High Court judge. On the 21st of April, she will return to the Magistrates’ Court for preliminary hearings.