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Zodwa Wabantu calls police on her new Ben 10

Mzansi dancer and reality TV show Zodwa Wabantu reportedly called the cops on her boyfriend Ricardo after an altercation between them. This drama apparently happened on Saturday when Zodwa refused to pay for his Uber ride.

According to a local publication, the Uber ride was from Montecasino to Zodwa’s house in Fourways. It is alleged that Ricardo had been out with friends and Zodwa gave him money to spend but when he used all of it, he did not have any left to catch a ride home.

Ricardo apparently told the Uber driver that Zodwa would pay for his bill but she blatantly refused. It is then alleged that when she refused, Ricardo became violent and started slurring insults in full view of the driver. The publication further alleges that he threatened Zodwa and “forcefully demanded money from her.”

Zodwa then tried to get the police to intervene so she went to the Douglasdale Police Station, as the publication puts it, for “gender-based violence concerns.”

“She came to the station asking police to help her as she was afraid that her boyfriend might physically harm her. So, the police went to her residential area and managed to calm the situation down. Later the boyfriend’s family was called and they apologized to Zodwa, telling her that he is not a violent person,” said a police officer to the publication.

But Zodwa said she was safe and was unharmed by Ricardo.