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Zodwa Wabantu hits back at Ntsiki Mazwai

Zodwa Wabantu has hit back at Ntsiki Mazwai who slammed her for claiming to be a Sangoma and still stripping.

Zodwa is always known to be exposing her body at gigs as this is the only ways she makes her money.

However, so many people are not pleased with it including Ntsiki who criticised her ways and how she makes her money.

Ntsiki saying she is disrespecting African spirituality, “OK, I need to sit down and ask what kind of a sangoma shows her vagina for a living? We keep disrespecting African spiritually. Which stripper is a pastor publicly and unashamedly without being held accountable by some religious authority?”

She then added that “your fave” is disgusting, and added a sick emoji.

Zodwa on the other hand has made it known that she id she would not change her ways as this is who she is and exotic dancing is how she makes her money.

The dancer hit back saying that she would not change who and what she does because she is doing what her ancestors want her to do.

“This is my job. You know, my ancestors gave it to me. My great-grandfather was the one who was famous. All the travelling that I’ve done or I’m still doing, I don’t think they will make me live bad … [or] change my living conditions, because they know I’m their child from now, as long as I go wherever they send me.”

Zodwa then said her ancestors are blessing her with the gigs she gets so that means they still want her to continue.

“The dreams that I’m having, the prophecies that I tell people … so if there’s going to be a time that they are going to stop my dancing as Zodwa Wabantu, they should show me which job they are going to give me, so that’s why my cameo on Black Door, it could be them maybe saying you can still make your cash this side. But they haven’t revealed so much, the ancestors, and I’m still getting bookings.”