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Zodwa Wabantu on marrying her Ben 10

The socialite has come out to declare that if people don’t stop referring to her boyfriend as a Ben 10, she might just put a ring on it to shut people up.

The socialite told this to the Sunday Sun newspaper recently and lamented at how the Ben 10 references have frustrated her so much that she might just marry him.

“I’m sick and tired of people calling my man a Ben 10…If people continue calling him a Ben 10, I’ll prove that he’s not a Ben 10 by going to the Department of Home Affairs and get married to him,” she told the publication.

In an interview on Afternoon Express, Zodwa shared that she had been dating her man for four years and that he has absolutely no problem with her profession.

So there you have it folks, don’t call her man a Ben 10 or else…

Source: ZAlebs