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Zuma Riots Part 2? Here Is What Mzansi Is Planning To Do This Friday

The protests may start again after a few posters were shared on Social Media, However this time, instead of being solely focused on freezing Jacob Zuma, Now it’s against the “Phoenix Massacres”. All the details are down below and how to protect yourself.

This Friday (23 July) the protests are set to restart as black people March against the alleged Phoenix Massacres. According to the posters that have been shared on Social Media, they will meet at Durban City Hall under the guise of Black lives matter March. However there is something else happening just today, below are the details.

Today A clergy walk for Justice will occur, the walk will start at the Kwamashu Avoca Offramp and head to the Pheonix police station. However it seems like this walk will be fairly peaceful as people are being encouraged to wear their masks. Still, the threat of danger during the coming protest on Friday may be high as tensions start to rise and a few people get ready for conflict.

First you need to keep a small stockpile of food, preferably canned food ad they are easy to transport and do not go bad easily. This will provide you with sustenance if the shops once again close. Stock up on other non perishable food too. Next you need to join your community watch program, many people came out in support of their communities during the previous protests and people need to do that again. Go join and support these groups in any way you can.

You may also want to get a personal weapon as a precautionary measure, it is legal to own a handgun in South Africa, provided that you have a license for it.

Most importantly, if you are not a part of your community watch, please stay inside your home for the duration of this. What do you think, tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.