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Zuma saga to spark civil war? Zulus are ready with weapons all roads heading to Nkandla. Disaster

Former president Jacob Zuma’s supporters are seen gathering outside his home in Nkandla saying that no one is going to pass without a fight, if the police want to arrest Jacob Zuma they must go through them and it’s either they kill them first or they get nothing.

This has caused a huge stir on Twitter with a lot of people wondering why these people would risk their lives that much just to defend someone who knows that he is guilty of the corruption and every other charge that is being accused of, It is not the first time that doing this… last time it was the MKMVAs and now even ordinary citizens are involving themselves in the fight.

From the look of things it seems like these people just want to start a war with the police and yet it is very simple because Jacob Zuma was told to hand himself over within 5 days and no one will have to go to Nkandla to get him, Even if he did not do the crime that is being accused of there is no reason to fight the law enforcers because if you are not guilty of your crime you will just prove your innocence without having to fight the justice system of the country.

This whole fight that they have put up it shows that they do not have any respect for our law enforcement and yet they expects the very same police officers to reduce crime in their communities, that is how even the criminals see that they can also take chances and end up trying to shoot the police officers during their arrests.

One can defend this and talk about being biased or 1 sided but if you look at things from the other view everyone goes to the police station or wherever they are being called to when they are being arrested then defend themselves once they appear in court, meaning the same applies to Jacob Zuma he must not resist arrest if he has nothing to hide because if he is indeed innocent he will not be kept there for long.