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Zuma’s Baby Mama ‘LaConco’ Seeing Flames

THE last episode of TheReal Housewives of Durban may have been good television, but it certainly didn’t impress cultural experts.

“LaConco is the last person to host and teach virgins about life,” said University of KZN’s senior lecturer Dr Gugu Mazibuko.

“The entire event misrepresented culture,” said Mazibuko.

This is after reality TV star Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco hosted an event called Isithebe Sezintombi (A Table of Virgins).

The event was aired on the Showmax show’s last episode.

At the event, LaConco wore a scarf across her chest. She led the maidens in song and gave her fellow cast members traditional beer to drink. During her speech to the maidens, she said: “It’s rained on me and I was put on fire but I believe God was teaching me some lessons. Remember, you have something precious. It would be nice for you to go out there and own businesses while you’re still virgins.”

Dr Mazibuko said: “In our culture there’s no event called Isithebe Sezintombi. Isithebe Sezintombi is a portion of meat that is dedicated to the maidens at a traditional ceremony.

“LaConco can’t host and groom virgins about life or virginity because she’s not married and is not iqhikiza (a leader of the young maidens).”

She said LaConco was also not supposed to wear a scarf across her chest as she is not married.

“Such a dress code is reserved for married women. Lastly, the traditional beer was not supposed to be brought to the women as it is symbolic and married women and maidens are not supposed to drink it,” said Mazibuko.

“Our culture is sacred. It is highly regarded and must be respected. LaConco might have good intentions but she distorted our culture and she needs to be stopped before she causes a lot of damage,” she said.

Another expert, Nomagugu Ngobese, said: “The entire event was misleading. LaConco is not a good example and must refrain from hosting virgins.”

Nokuzola Mndende of Icamagu Institute said: “She is setting a bad example for virgins as she failed to keep her virginity.” I’m worried about the parents who allow their daughters to participate in such an event.”

LaConco was repeatedly contacted via emails and text messages but she did not respond. – Daily Sun