Gigi Lamayne dumps DJ Citi Lyts

HIP HOP stars Gigi Lamayne and DJ Citi Lyts’ romance is allegedly over.

According to our sources, the couple parted ways because Gigi had enough of sharing her man’s ‘anaconda’ with other girls. Sources said the Lobola hitmaker, whose real name is Genesis Manney, found out that her now ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her, busy dipping his ‘joystick’ in several other girls’ ‘honey jars’.

Said the mole: “It was cute and adorable when they first started dating. They were goals until Gigi learned she was not exclusive.”

The source added that DJ Citi Lyts (real name Sandile Mkhize) has a history of cheating and abusing women. Two years ago, it was reported that Citi Lyts was accused of beating one of his ex-girlfriends, but she later withdrew the charges.

“When he started dating Gigi, he seemed to have changed and was a bit focused. We should have known that the leopard never changes its spots. He changed soon after he allegedly got money from his brother ProKid’s policies. He was partying with several girls and neglecting Gigi,” said the source.

Another source said Gigi should know that money changes people.

“He got some small change and forgot about Gigi and the things she did for him. It’s a good thing she left him before he laid a hand on her because he has a history. His friends claim he’s still grieving and dealing with the loss of both his brother and girlfriend,” said the mole.

Gigi said: “Citi is a grown man. Talk to him. I’m cool.”



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