Mzansi laughs at The Queen family’s downfall

The Khoza’s empire is crumbling on The Queen and fans are just sitting on social media with binoculars and watching the view.

The family has been going through most ever since Jerry and the police bust them for dealing drugs.

It was supposed to be the family’s last big deal but it ended with Shaka and Brutus behind bars.

Harriet was able to escape jail time and has been trying to rebuild the business since, but clients are pulling out left, right and centre.

It got so bad that the Khozas have had to do their own washing, cleaning and cooking.

In fact, Harriet was even making food on a fire in the backyard.

Even KG is planning to take on private security work to help them deal.

Fans were shocked by how far the family had fallen and rushed to social media to share memes and messages about their demise.


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