Meet the teacher who got 5 Grade 9 pupils pregnant

HE IS a high school teacher employed to help pupils prepare for their future.

But now angry parents are accusing him of making five grade 9 girls pregnant. Angry parents of grade 9 pupils at the school in Joburg told Daily Sun the department has not taken any steps against the teacher and he is still at the school.

They want the teacher, whose identity is known to Daily Sun, to be fired immediately.

“He doesn’t deserve to be teaching our kids. He is a pervert and a monster,” said one parent.

Parents claim the teacher lured pupils with money.

“Sometimes he buys the children a bunny chow in class. He tells the kids he has money and he is rich. He tells them he will maintain their babies if they fall pregnant,” said the parent.

She said three of the five pupils the teacher made pregnant last year have come back to school.

“One of the pupils had an abortion because she was too scared to tell her parents,” said another parent.

The fifth pregnant girl hasn’t returned to school. “She is heavily pregnant and due to deliver soon,” said the parent.

A third parent said they sent their kids to the school because they thought it was a safe environment. “They were supposed to get an education, but they got babies instead,” she said.

“We view teachers as other parents for the kids. We expect teachers to prepare them for the future, not destroy them.”

The parents said that they wanted the education department to deal harshly with the teacher.

“We don’t want him in this or any other school,” said the first parent.

A grade 9 pupil at the school told Daily Sun the teacher bragged that he had money and would take care of all of the children he fathered.

“Imagine a teacher speaking that nonsense. How did he even become a teacher with such an attitude?” asked a parent.

“He is too horny and should not be in class. He belongs in prison far away from our children.”

Gauteng Department of Education spokesman Steve Mabona said the department will investigate the matter. “Such behavior will not be tolerated in our schooling environment,” he said.

Source: Daily Sun


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