Top actor Hlomla Dandala exposes his cheating wife

Hlomla Dandala is one of South Africa’s most loved actors. The star has been on everything from the iconic Jozi-H to today’s hit telenovela, The River. Hlomla, though, doesn’t reveal much about his private life other than the fact that he’s like a Superdad. Until this morning that is..

Hlomla Dandala went to instagram to expose both his cheating wife AND the man who she’s been seeing. According to Hlomla, the pair were caught having sx when Hlomla and Brenda’s kids were in the house as well. Hlomla must be heart broken!

But, as usual, twitter makes light of the situation. Even this early in the morning, we are ready to lighten the mood. Although an Ace father, Hlomla is rumored to not have been the most faithful husband either so fans aren’t exactly on his side.

So basically, Hlomla Dandala has had a public meltdown over his wife cheating. This comes after he reportedly both cheated on her throughout her pregnancies and got a mistress pregnant. But we hope he feels better soon because wow. These are definitely the actions of a heartbroken man.

Source: ZAlebs


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