Uzalo Actress Sphelele Mzimela Rushed to Hospital

It has been a rough few weeks for Uzalo and Isibaya Actress Sphelele Mzimela. She was recently rushed to hospital after collapsing while filming her scenes on the set of Mzansi’s hit soapie, Uzalo. According to Isolezwe, the actress was admitted to a local hospital in Durban after collapsing.

Sphelele was apparently not feeling well last week, but on Friday her health deteriorated. According to an Isolezwe source who didn’t want to be named for fear of victimization, on Friday the actress started throwing up and complained about feeling dizzy.

The source said on Monday she collapsed on set and had to stop filming her scenes. The source said on Monday it became evident that she was not feeling well because she was throwing up but it’s was unclear whether what the causes of the sickness were. The source further said on Monday they were shocked to hear that she had to be rushed to hospital after collapsing”This shocked many people, the producers had to call actors to inform them that she won’t be reporting for duty due to her sickness ” said the Source.

Another source said after being checked by the doctors they found out she was pregnant. The doctors had to check her and find out that she was sick because she is pregnant, I don’t know how she is feeling now but when she left she was not feeling well everyone was shocked to see her collapsing because many actors have collapsed on the set before.

When reached by Isolezwe for a comment, Sphelele denied that she was sick. ” I’m not sick, who is spreading all these lies? I have never been admitted to a hospital”, Sphelele then dropped the call. When Isolezwe sent her a message to ask about her pregnancy rumour she didn’t respond. It is still uncertain whether she collapsed due to fatigue or she is indeed preggy.

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