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Zandie Khumalo Gumede is DIVORCING her sister Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo‘s sister Zandie shocked the public when she announced she was distancing herself from the star in an explosive statement on social media Zandie took to Instagram to slam her “toxic” sister who “needs help”. She claimed the split between the sisters was similar to a “divorce” and that she was going to “love her from a distance for now”.We literally had go pick our jaw up from the floor when we read the many allegations made by Zandie against Kelly, which include.

Zandie being unhappy about how much she will be paid for her appearances in Kelly”s upcoming reality show. Zandie sending money to Kelly and her kids “when there was a problem. Kelly being happy to exploit Zandie as a back-up dancer and “lackie” and trying to sabotage her singing career by accusing her of stealing music.

Zandie going to jail, being questioned by the police and having to take a lie detector test because of Kelly Witnessing drugs allegedly belonging to Kelly Enduring abuse from Kelly Zandie fully supporting Kelly without the favour being returned. Much, much more; in the words of Zandie; “If I started telling you other issues your jaws will drop.

The decision to speak out came after reports that Kelly revealed Zandie’s husband was allegedly a con-artist that had been swindling money from concert promoters, using her name. But despite the harsh words and serious allegations, Zandie emphasises the post was not intended to “bash” or be “malicious” towards Kelly, but just a statement to protect herself.

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