Polygamous Mseleku’s Wife MaKhumalo Finally Opens Up

Polygamous Mseleku’s Wife MaKhumalo Finally Opens Up About The Struggles Of Raising A Step Child (Mpilo).

Thobile Khumalo aka MaKhumalo who is Musa Mseleku’s wife recently opened up about the challenges of raising a step child especially when their mothers are still alive.Polygamous Mseleku’s Wife MaKhumalo

MaKhumalo took Mpilo when she was only five years. Before that Mseleku would send money every month to Mpilo’s biological mother. However MaKhumalo did not like the setup.

She compared the lifestyle between other children born in the marriage and that of Mpilo who stayed away from the family and there was a big difference.

Thobile confirmed that she is unable to have children of her own. However when she decided to foster Mpilo she had not yet known about her condition.

MaKhumalo discovered that Mpilo’s mother only allowed her child to stay with MaKhumalo only for studies and better life nothing more.

After seventeen years, Mpilo’s biological mother demanded to talk to Mseleku the father. This happened after MaKhumalo had started the process of changing Mpilo’s surname to Mseleku. This gesture was to say MaKhumalo had no right over the child.

MaKhumalo was only doing it so that Mpilo could get her rights just like Mseleku’s other children, however the biological mother thought that MaKhumalo was after the grant money.

Whenever Mpilo has documents that need to be signed MaKhumalo is forced to drive all the way everytime to the biological mother just to get one piece of paper signed.

Sometimes the step child gets so moody and MaKhumalo as a step mother will feel guilty and start to wonder what she could have done wrong.

The biological mother is bad influence to the child. However MaKhumalo treats Mpilo as her own and not a step child. If need arise for her to discipline her she does.

These are some of the challenges that come up with raising a step child as stated by uMaKhumalo.



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